Our values are People, Tech, Education & Having fun!

We love our People and take great pride in the fact that we are working with some of the best people in the Tech industry. With a tailored recruitment process, we ensure that we maintain a high degree of quality, speed and efficiency, to keep both our candidates and clients happy. Having solid experience from different domains combined with hands-on top-notch technologies, we help our clients to build their critical microservices systems running on different cloud providers.

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Our customer base is broad and varies between different sectors, for example:
Life science/MedTech – Entertainment – E-commerce – Finance  – Public sector – Telecom – Energy – Bank&Finance – Security – & Much more.

Our people are some of the best at:

  • Software/System Development
  • Mobile Development
  • DevOps Engineering
  • Architectecting: Solution/Cloud/Enterprise
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Engineer/Data Science
  • Machine Learning, AI, Big Data
  • Team Lead, Engineering Manager, Scrum Masters

Education is something that we take seriously, to make sure that our people are always progressing. By getting more hands-on experience with new technologies, attending conferences or getting certified. When you join us, you get a customized educational plan adjusted to your needs. To ensure that you increase your knowledge in order to be ready to help our clients by taking their business solutions to the next level.

But most importantly, we will make sure that we plan your personal technology journey together with YOU! Where do you want to work and in which areas? What are your long-term goals? Which IT sector would you like us to include in our business? We value your ideas and opinions when making choices like this. Shortly: We will work together to find your dream assignment and to build your career.

It is this mindset that makes our people more satisfied than other consultants within the field of IT. When you are happy, we are happy. And by ensuring that you are a 100 % motivated in your work, our clients will be happy. It is that simple!

We love Tech. Each year we organize hackathons where fun stuff happens, and you can win prizes. Besides this we regularly host lightning talks where our people present new achievements and share knowledge with each other.

For us it is of great importance to Have fun and enjoy this journey we are doing together. So, we organize a lot of different activities for our people to participate in; sports, social activities, competitions and much more.


It’s simple, very simple – It’s all about




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