Senior Client Relations – with the whole world as your workplace

Do you want to work in an expanding company with amazing ambitions and the potential to become a world leader in its field? Most would say yes to that… But do you also want to help rescue people in need? Do you think that Hans Rosling presented a fairer view of the world? Do you enjoy travelling and meeting people from different cultures? If the answer to these questions is YES, this could be your dream job, so you’ll just have to read on!

Safeture is the small, growing company with the big ambitions! The startup company with the amazing product that literally saves lives is now changing direction from having been an R&D company to focusing whole-heartedly on growth through Marketing and Sales. This new role will be an incredibly important key role in achieving the high aims the company is targeting.

Every single role in the company is important and there is close collaboration between colleagues. There is a tangible startup spirit and a high level of engagement, with short, fast decision-making paths. You will become part of a hand-picked team that offers the highest quality in terms of heart, humour, inner drive, ambitions and passion!

In the role of Senior Client Relations you will have responsibility for giving the client the best possible experience once they have signed up to the agreement. This is where you take over and make sure that the client is as happy as they possibly can be. The platform that Safeture has developed is world-leading in technical terms, but if implementation at the client is not optimal, it doesn’t matter how good it is. This is why your role is so incredibly important!

Because you’re the one who makes sure that a structured project plan is in place, before assuming your role as a superb relationship-builder to hold the client’s hand and guide them through an optimal rollout.

In the role of Senior Client Relations, you have large parts of the world as your workplace and, happily, no two days are the same. You will have an opportunity to see the world with about 100 days of travel a year, as your clients are based abroad.
Time flies when you’re having fun, but you will have to make sure that you still have time for the following:
• Produce a project/rollout plan and implement it at the client
• Talk to a host of wonderful and important people to get them onboard. E.g. Security Managers, Travel Managers, HR, IT, Purchasing, Group Managers.
• You apply your educational, reassuring style to train the client in Safeture’s product.
• Talk a little bit more with these wonderful and important people, in fact pretty much all the time. It would be great if you were proactive and gave them reports, informed them of changes and other useful titbits on an ongoing basis throughout their entire contract period.
• Connect your key clients with the right department internally at Safeture, be that classic facilitator!
• As you pick up more experience, your duties will be extended to make sure that you’re involved at an early stage of the sales pitch, attend trade fairs, give webinars and make other useful contributions.

You enjoy travel and can talk about anything to anyone, you know how to build relationships, but at the same time you want to be a winner through hard, structured and dedicated work!
We believe that you have an academic background and international experience of some kind. You know what it means to work in a small company where you assume a high degree of personal responsibility. You know how to manage a project and which elements have to be in place in order to successfully roll out an implementation at the client’s premises. It would be great if you like IT and technology as well.
You are of course fluent in spoken and written English, and it’s an extra bonus if you speak Swedish.

Offers an amazingly good product that everyone just has to have! As a business traveller, Safeture’s platform and app protect you, wherever you are in the world. Safeture has plenty of wonderful strengths, but there are of course some weaknesses too. Consists of a brilliant team of around 30 people who are growing and want to win. Find out more on the website, if you’re not already convinced. You can even give me, Permanent Placement Consultant Lina Friberg, a call or drop me an email, and I’ll answer your questions.

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